Our founders have years of experience in protein and antibody research. They are the elisa market experts, AndyGene company founded behind the main purpose is to provide customers with the highest quality products, services and overall value for money.

We work with a large number of businesses and individuals to get the best products and services. Our overall mission is to help accelerate our biological knowledge through scientific and technological innovation. Our employees also share our good future, because science drives us to greater success.

Our extensive ELISA kit combination has been optimized to provide convenience and sensitivity for the quantification of many different samples, including: human, mouse, rat, dog, cat, horse, monkey, cow, pig, sheep, pig Rabbit and salmon.

Our ELISA kit products are available to a wide range of clients, including Beijing Medical University, government research institutes, hospitals, reference laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have attracted the interest of all major research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies such as GE Healthcare, Astrazeneca, MDS, Norvartis, UCL, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute and many more.

We are rapidly becoming the first choice for many customers not only to purchase ELISA kits in China, but also to purchase ELISA kits in many countries around the world. We are a customer-centric company dedicated to providing customers with services from the first contact point to the late delivery, and we are committed to doing it in every step. Our customer service and technical specialists will continue to provide advice.

ELISA kits are strictly QC standards, superior quality assurance, derived from standardized production processes and the most stringent QC standards

From mammals, amphibians to bacteria and viruses, AndyGene offers a variety of ELISA kits for a variety of important models of biological research.

AndyGene's ready-to-use ELISA kits provide a wide range of detectable substances, including intracellular and extracellular proteins, Sample types are divided into serum, plasma, tissue, cell supernatant, cell lysate, urine and so on. To ensure high quality and repeatability, AndyGene's all kits undergo extremely rigorous quality testing.

We have gained respect in this elisa market - more than 80% of the business comes from repeated order customers. We are committed to indomitable integrity to act, the pursuit of excellence, responsible for the global life science community management services.

Our ELISA kits are 10-20% cheaper than other leading manufacturers and suppliers. We can provide the highest quality products, the greatest flexibility and cost-effectiveness for the pharmaceutical industry and academics.

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